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Gallery Walk

Posters and gallery walk is a course delivery method that increases student engagement. The instructional materials used to increase the student activity in the classroom, and make it more interesting for both students and teachers.

Posters and gallery walk methodology has the benefits of flexible learning, logical reasoning, and many more for the students. For teachers, it is a way of making a friendly learning environment for the kids.

Poster and gallery walk methods help in creating precise learning among students. These methods focus more on knowledge transfer. This helps in a better comprehensive ability. It is also vital in collaborative learning. 

The posters are generally used as a part of classroom activity. This method is useful for improving memorization ability and helps the teachers implement metacognition in the classroom. 

With the help of these features, an environment of student-centered learning is formulated. These techniques and strategies are usually decided in a staff meeting where the decisions for proper scope and sequence-based plans are chalked out. 

The posters and gallery walk is a part of Object-Based Learningobject-based learning and is among the best memorization techniques. The tool primarily focuses on student engagement and is generally conducted for fifteen minutes between live video sessions.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology