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Four Corners

The four corners approach is a method that asks learners to decide on a question. In this case, all the corners in the classroom will be named with a unique response according to the question raised or the lecture taken. Students will be moving towards the corner, which seems to be in sync with their perspective. 

After dividing the class into four groups based on their opinions, a student from every group will share the outcome with the whole class. The teachers start by providing a statement, problem, or a query along with four unique responses such as strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. For every corner in the classrooms, the teacher will allocate a unique response. 

The four corner approach will help the learners to think out of the box and register their point of view strongly. Once the instructor asks the question or gives a lecture on any topic, students will be given 10 seconds to decide. Giving them time will enhance their decision-making skills as they get to think on a particular issue independently. 

The students are allowed to choose a response that aligns with their ideology, and students who have the same or similar response to discuss the decision will join together.  

To ensure enough discussion takes place between the student group, teachers inform that the students should be willing to share their responses. The size of every group remains small to provide equal opportunity to every student. The instructors will also monitor how students discuss and will be providing precise information when the learners have confusions. Four corners activity will improve critical thinking and students will also feel free to discuss their decisions with a classmate than with a big group.  

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