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Formative Assessment

Formative assessment comprises the summary of significant information in a lecture, weekly quiz to evaluate the comprehension of the revised content. The main aim is to examine the students’ learning to help educators enhance their teaching methodology, and inculcate what the students will need for better understanding. 

By using the assessment, instructors can customize their courses to meet the learners’ requirements. Moreover, the students can recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and figure out areas that demand their efforts. It also helps the faculty member to understand where the students are facing difficulties. This assessment will address the concern of every student and the solutions will be found instantly. 

For instance, the teacher can ask the students to highlight the context of a lecture with their understanding. These assessment tools help both teachers and students concentrate on learning goals and take steps that help them achieve the objective. 

Many institutes and schools are using this incredible strategy in the classroom, and the opportunities to fine-tune the professional skills of teachers are heaving. Several educationists and researchers trust the concept as it enhances teaching skills

There are different levels of assessments, such as asking the learners to raise hands, if the lecture was precise or asking the learners to furnish a self-assessment that the faculty member can review later. Using that, teachers can adapt a new teaching approach that meets students’ learning needs. When it comes to formative assessment, there is a slight disagreement between the educators, as a few say that the assessments are not truly formative, while others believe that the concept is not effectively used in the classroom activities. 

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