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Father of chemistry

We all have heard the name Antoine Lavoisier, he is the father of chemistry! Chemistry is one of the very interesting subjects, students love to learn about different chemical substances and compounds. Antoine Lavoisier, the father of chemistry, has a great knowledge of chemistry and biology. Chemistry explains how foods change as we cook, how they rot, how foods are stored, how the body uses the food we eat, and how ingredients interact to create food. One of the importance of chemistry is that it explains how cleaning works. Chemistry helps in deciding which detergent is best for the dishes, laundry, and home. We use chemicals when you use bleach and disinfectants, even regular soap and water. There is a need to understand basic chemistry to understand how vitamins, supplements, and medications can help or harm you. One of the importance of chemistry lies in the development and testing of new medical treatments and drugs. Everyone should understand basic chemistry, but students need to take a chemistry course or even make it a career to understand it in depth. Understanding chemistry is important if we are studying any topic of science, as all sciences are concerned with matter and the interactions between types of matter. Chemistry plays a great role in everyone’s life and affects almost every aspect of our existence in one way or another. There are a lot of contributions from the father of chemistry in the field of chemistry.

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