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Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment is a process of appointing teaching candidates in a particular school or college. The main goal of all the schools and colleges is to hire the best faculty possible for giving the best education to the students. These teaching faculties are appointed as per their qualifications and experience. There are special educational 1-2 years programs after Under graduation, which trains a candidate with teaching skills. These involve helping candidates learn how to handle children and students and make them learn in order to become experts in their subjects. The minimum qualification required to become a teacher is a bachelor’s in teaching with a minimum score of 50%. The role of teachers is to shape the students, hence it involves both, the requisite qualification and passion for teachinng.

The administration or the selection pannel makes sure to hire the candidates with good qualities and teaching skills. Here is the list of qualities that makes a perfect teacher-

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Patience(since dealing with students is not a easy job)
  3. Passion for teaching
  4. Good management skills
  5. Drive for life long learning
  6. Technological skills
  7. Respect for everyone
  8. Knowledge of the subject
    These skills a teacher their students’ favorite and all the teachers should have these skills.

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