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मूल्यांकन – Evaluation

मूल्यांकन is one of the most searched words on the internet, it means ‘evaluation’. Evaluation or मूल्यांकन is basically the process of marking or assessing some one on the basis of their performance or answers in the test or exam. The process is a considered to a cruicial process in the world of education as the marks or results of the students have a large impact on the future or career of the students. The process is also known as educational evaluation. Evaluation aids in the development of an academic programme, assessing its successes, and improving its cogency. It acts as an in-built monitor within the method, periodically reviewing the progress in knowledge. It also provides useful input on the program’s structure and implementation. The collection, analysis, and interpretation of knowledge regarding any aspect of a programme of education or training as part of a perceived process of determining its usefulness, efficiency, and any other results it may have is referred to as evaluation. Testing knowledge should incorporate grading, learning, and excitement for the students. Inspection procedures that are well-designed give valuable information regarding student learning. They give more insights to the teachers about student retention.
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