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Educational Evaluation

Educational Evaluation 

Educational evaluation is the test process of depicting and appraising some characteristics of an educational process. Evaluation helps to build an academic program, assess its accomplishments and improve upon its cogency. It serves as an in-built monitor within the procedure to review the progress in understanding from time to time. It also gives valuable feedback on the layout and the enactment of the program.

 Evaluation is the assortment of, analysis, and interpretation of knowledge about any trait of a program of education or training as part of a perceived process of judging its usefulness, its efficiency, and any other outcomes it may have. Testing the knowledge should combine grading, learning, and enthusiasm for your students. Well-designed inspection methods provide important information about student learning. They tell us what students memorized, how well they learned it, and where they strived. 

There are various types of education assessments like Criterion-referenced assessment, Norm-referenced assessment, Formative assessment, Confirmative assessment, Pre-assessment or diagnostic assessment, and Summative assessment. The four types of evaluation are program trials, program reviews, clinical reviews, and clinical trials. After knowing the results of educational evaluation teachers can teach according to the performance of students, teachers can repeat the topics in which many students have not performed well. Education evaluation is also necessary for students as they will know how much they know and where they can improve. If there were no evaluation teachers and students would never know how much students have understood so evaluation is very important.

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