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The education word comes from the Latin word education, which means bringing up. 

It means the process which allows learning or acquiring skills, morals, habits, knowledge, values, and beliefs. 

In short, education is acquiring knowledge, developing logical reasoning, and preparing for life. It is a gradual process to bring positive life changes. It helps to enhance one’s thoughts and express them in different ways. It enables a person to make a logical decision and allows them to differentiate between right and wrong. There are various teaching methods through training, discussion, teaching, storytelling, and directed research. 

It’s said that learning is the path to progress. It is a way that leads us to achieve our goals. There are certain religions in which learning is compulsory. It can happen in many ways. It can be formal or informal. Parents, friends, colleagues, etc give informal training and instruction. 

You can learn or acquire knowledge in an informal manner. When you ask someone, and you are conscious of the knowledge that you are taking, then you are learning. If you are not, then you are acquiring education.

Formal education has the following levels:

  • Preschool or KG, 
  • Primary school, 
  • Secondary school,
  • College

Other online platforms are also considered as formal by many companies.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology