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Education Teacher

Education Teacher is another name for the teachers that provide education to students and help them in acquiring quality knowledge for better survival in the world. The job and responsibility of such education teacher include tasks like understanding the needs of the students and making sure to come up with new and effective teaching styles. Since these teachers are responsible for the overall growth of the students, therefore, there are various qualities that these teachers should surely have. Let us understand more about the qualities of such teachers.

Qualities of a good education teacher

Some of the qualities of a good teacher include communication skills, listening skills, cooperative attitude, adaptability, empathy, and patience.

  • They should be strong communicators who listen and understand students’ concerns with patience and flexibility when required.
  • They must show empathy.
  • They should adopt a collaborative approach and keep learners engaged.
  • They should follow the best practices of teaching.
  • They should be role models and practice what they preach.
  • They should consider “teaching” as art with heart.


1- What are the responsibilities of a good education teacher?

Answer- The qualities of a good education teacher include understanding the needs of a student and preparing themselves accordingly.

2- Are there enough education teachers in India?

Answer- Yes, India is known as the country of great teachers. Wonderful teachers like Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, etc. were the gems of India.