Education System

The education system includes everything essential that goes into educating students at the public level. This system is taken into account for students and learners at local, state as well as national levels.

Generally, the education system is constituted by the following:

·        Books, teaching resources, computers, and various learning materials.

·        Policies, laws, and regulations.

·        School facilities, country facilities, law, and administrative facilities of the country, the transportation system of the country.

·        Economic system, allocation of resources, public funding, and the various procedures in allocation.

·        Contracts, money management, employee benefits, staffing, and human resources, and many more other factors that contribute to individual and country development.

There is mutual coordination between individuals like administrators, educators, and students; the functioning institution, the infrastructure that supports the education system like transportation and other related processes.

The education system includes different levels of educational institutions like kindergartens, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and other higher educational institutions.

This system should be intentional as the educator should be ready to impart his/her knowledge and skills. Also, the students should be readily accepting the information and knowledge being provided to them. The system in many countries is considered to be the major contributor to the overall economic and social development of that country. The system is multifaceted and complex. 

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