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Education System

What is education system? 

In simple terms the education system can be defined as a structure that is given for all institutions, for helping create opportunities for the upcoming generation by providing them with education within a country. 

The education system includes everything essential that goes into educating students at the public level. This system is taken into account for students and learners at local, state as well as national levels.

Generally the education system consists of both primary schooling and Middle School which is followed by high school.It is true this system that students are able to pursue higher education and be provided with basic learning that can contribute towards improving their skills for the future.

Generally, the education system is constituted by the following:

·        Books, teaching resources, computers, and various learning materials.

·        Policies, laws, and regulations.

·        School facilities, country facilities, law, and administrative facilities of the country, and the transportation system of the country.

·        Economic system, allocation of resources, public funding, and the various procedures in allocation.

·        Contracts, money management, employee benefits, staffing, human resources, and many more other factors that contribute to individual and country development.

It is important to highlight that it is through the education system that it becomes possible for children to learn about the importance of socialization in the society. The education system contributes towards teaching the children about cultural values and norms and the need for mutual cooperation. They are responsible for helping equip them with skills that are required for them to become productive members of the society.

In the education system, there is mutual coordination between individuals like administrators, educators, and students; the functioning institution, the infrastructure that supports the education system like transportation and other related processes.

The education system includes different levels of educational institutions like kindergartens, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and other higher educational institutions.

The education system however varies from country to country based on the needs of the country and what kind of social norms are prevalent in those countries. Generally the education system consists of 12 years of education for the students to make the product of citizens of the society and equip them with all the necessary skills that will contribute towards providing them with employment opportunities in the society.

Importance of the education system 

We all know that to survive in this modern and developed world, education is needed as a torch to lead the way. The importance of the education system lies in the fact that it contributes towards teaching values and helping in the development of the society.

Through the education system it becomes possible for providing a chance or a shred of opportunity to the current generation in becoming responsible members of the society and contributing towards its growth. The presence of educated individuals in the society has positive repercussions for its growth because it will lead to the development of not only good citizens but also well-paying citizens.

Moreover, it is because of the education system that it will be possible to install the thought of critical thinking in the young Minds and provide them with the ability to conduct important decision making for the society. They will be responsible for developing their own perceptions and opinions that will help govern the society successfully.

An effective education system not only helps in the betterment of an individual but also leads to the overall development of the nation. What is education system is a broad concept and it is important to establish a strong and civilized education system. 

Let’s discuss more about the benefits of having a good education system.

  • Leads to the development of the country Education is the most important factor for development and growth. With the help of a civilized education system, growth can be established in all three sectors of the economy i.e. primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. 
  • Helps in dealing with social issues Social factors like women empowerment, removing poverty, increasing employment, etc are essential to optimize the good functioning of society. Education can help us win many fights against social taboos.
  • Enhances creativity A good education system includes various co-curricular activities like dance, drama, debates, athletics, etc. All these activities help the young generation to foster growth and develop confidence. 

This system should be intentional as the educator should be ready to impart his/her knowledge and skills. Also, the students should be readily accepting the information and knowledge being provided to them. The system in many countries is considered to be the major contributor to the overall economic and social development of that country. The system is multifaceted and complex.
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