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Education Recruitment

Educational recruitment is essential for every school. We know well that poor selection decisions can be costly and time-consuming. However, selection decisions in education recruitment are no more than any other stage in human resource management. The selection of staff and teachers is often seen as separate from the larger work of leading and managing staff. The most effective way to approach selection is to treat it as part of a recruitment cycle, where each step informs the next.

The goal of Education Recruitment is to attract as many applicants as possible. The purpose of the education selection is to select from a pool of candidates that best meet the needs of the vacancy. Important and often overlooked, the choice is a two-way street. While the selection committee will evaluate each candidate; They will in turn evaluate the school and make a judgment based on the selection committee. All employers should remember this important fact.

Effective recruitment and selection go hand in hand with transparent end-to-end communication. Informing candidates throughout the process will spark their interest in the position and also demonstrate your values ​​of openness and transparency. There are several key factors to good school recruiting: Be clear before starting the process that what you expect from the candidate. The first challenge is to think clearly about the skill set the school is looking for, the level of support that can be provided, and what things are not needed. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology