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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment refers to students who have enrolled in two different courses or two academic institutions and are studying in both simultaneously. A lot of times, it involves a high school student taking college courses in advance to get a jump on the college requirements.

Dual enrollment is also known as concurrent enrollment that allows a student to enroll themselves in two different educational institutions at the same time. This brings about a perfect opportunity for the student, as they can get an early gist of the college environment. In a way, they can explore a lot of options before enrolling in a college after high school.

Another synonym for Dual enrollment is ‘early college’.

The students enrolled in dual enrollment may receive credits from both the institutions for the respective courses they have registered for. This concept is known as ‘dual credit’.

This enrollment also helps the colleges in assessing and monitoring potential candidates from high schools for their future full-time college admissions and scholarships. It also allows the high schools to offer many courses to its students without incurring extra hiring costs.

A lot of times, a student may take dual enrollment in which he/she takes physical classes on the college campus as well as in high school. Whereas, in some cases, they take online college courses from professors at a community or high school level.

The fee is incurred solely by the student in some cases and shared by both the educational institutions in other cases.

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