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Docent is a term used to characterize a person’s educational qualification in scientific and teaching merits. The people who have scientific and teaching merits are furnished with a title called docent. This title is given to a person who has deep proficiency in their field and has mastered it. They should be capable of performing research themselves without external help from other scientists or teachers or colleagues. It is a very respected title, it is only given to well-deserved people. They should have good technical knowledge, we can say that they should have technical skills.

A docent provides education to college and university students. They are very talented and do their work with excellence, they teach students about various topics deeply. They stay updated with recent research, new theories, discoveries, inventions, and many more. They even guide students at the time of practicals, they teach them about various devices, their usage, working, structure, and more. They are having experience of what they are teaching, they have excellent teaching skills. They teach students with unique and creative ideas. A person who has this title has a doctorate, they have passed various tests and exams to achieve such a nice position.

They pass the written test in which difficult questions are asked to test their knowledge, they can only pass the exam if they have deep and practical knowledge about it. Not only written but also oral exams are there, it is basically for testing how well they explain the concepts. 

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology