Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing which is also called Diksha, is a great platform to develop knowledge. It is a national teacher platform currently used by teachers and students across the country for online school start. With schools shutting down due to COVID-19, it is helping all states and unions deliver learning and education at home through innovative government programs. It takes technology to the next level for the benefit of teachers and students across India. In February 2021, the Diksha education app created by the Indian government was installed 10 million times. Diksha is 100% free and owned and operated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). This topic is important for the various state exams in the General Awareness section. There are over 10 million teachers in India. The diversity and complexity of student teaching and learning levels inĀ  Indian classrooms cannot be overemphasized. Each teacher has to solve this problem every day. Over the past several years, many states and central government initiatives have worked to build teachers’ capacity to better provide meaningful education to help students reach their full potential. It’s time to think about the large-scale implementation of solutions, initiatives, and innovations that will positively impact the professional lives of all teachers in the country. For teachers to play a central role in their children’s education, they need easy access to teaching and learning resources and professional development opportunities.

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