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DI Full Form

DI Full Form 

DI full form is direct instruction. Direct Instruction is a term used for the explicit teaching of a skillset by making use of lectures or demonstrations of the material to the students. DI teaches by explicit instruction rather than by using exploratory models like inquiry based learning. It includes participatory laboratory classes, tutorials, discussions, seminars, workshops, recitations, active learning, internships, or observation. 

This model includes

  • “I do” (instructor)
  • “We do” (instructor and student/s)
  • “You do” (student practices on their own with instructor monitoring)

DI depends on a scripted systematic curriculum which must be delivered by highly trained instructors. Teachers may be evaluated on the basis of measurable student learning on the premise that all the students can learn & all teachers are successful at teaching if given effective training in specific techniques. In some education programs, direct instruction is used in resource rooms where teachers help with homework completion and remedial classes

Features That Make DI Effective

  • Only 10% of the material will be new while the remaining 90% of the material is a review of previously taught content.
  • Students are grouped on the basis of their skill levels determined by assessments administered before starting the Direct Instruction program.
  • Emphasize students’ pace by either reteaching, accelerating, or slowing down through easily understood material
  • Direct Instruction is research-based and has been tested to great accuracy.

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