Quizzes Online

They are very interesting and effective for students and teachers, as students can realize how much they have understood and teachers can evaluate students’ performance. Teachers can organize quizzes regularly so that students take more interest while the teacher is teaching in online classes. Understand… Read More »Quizzes Online


A lot of people ask what are quizzes and different people give a different definition of a quiz, let’s know exactly what are quizzes. It refers to a fast and informative evaluation of the knowledge of students. Teachers often give a quiz within a learning… Read More »Quizzes

Good Teacher- Qualities

Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the performance management for efficient school management. Qualities of A Good Teacher The qualities of a great teacher include and are not limited to: A great teacher will be compassionate. They understand what their… Read More »Good Teacher- Qualities


A quiz refers to a fast and information evaluation of the knowledge of students. Teachers often give a quiz within a learning environment to assess how the learners understand a concept. Therefore, it serves as a process to understand students’ insight into the subject matter.… Read More »Quiz

Quick Write

Quick write is an active exercise involved in learning. Here, The teachers generally ask a question on a topic that has already been taught in class and provide around five minutes to the students to answer the same.  Quick write aims to determine whether or… Read More »Quick Write