Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy. A Ph.D. is a doctoral research degree and is considered the highest level of education qualification that one can achieve. The development of this particular course emerged with education reforms and development.  The PhD program helps build logical reasoning… Read More »Ph.D.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning refers to educational services that aim to make the learning process according to the students. It builds the study material according to the student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests.  The personalization of education helps students learn and develop knowledge of the subject at… Read More »Personalized Learning

Peer Review

Peer review is when someone with similar competencies evaluates your work. It plays a pivotal role in education reforms. The review helps in validating the academic and the research work. The trend of reviewing has not changed for years. The quality and validity of academic… Read More »Peer Review

Pedagogy Meaning

Pedagogy meaning incorporates the student learning viewpoints, with the help of learning glass for a learning progression.  There are various technologies available for this purpose. The prime objective of pedagogy is interdisciplinary teaching. It has to be for career-oriented knowledge transfer. This enables the instructional… Read More »Pedagogy Meaning


Pedagogy is a term used for ‘approach to teaching’. It is the discipline of “how” the knowledge transfer is carried out, rather than “what”. This is done by taking twenty-first-century learning into concern. This is why senior lecturers opt for data-driven instruction, unlike conventional methodologies.… Read More »Pedagogy


PDS is an acronym for Professional Development Schools. These institutions are aimed at teaching skills and inculcating extracurricular knowledge in students. These schools also help mindset development reduce the achievement gap, and are known for their expertise in cultivating creative minds. They have a plan… Read More »PDS

Pausing in Lecture

The term ‘pausing in lecture’ is the act of breaking and creating a disruption in learning. However, if done correctly, the ‘strategic pauses’ taken in lectures instil understanding. It is an essential tool to develop thinking abilities. It could help remote learning in better prospects.… Read More »Pausing in Lecture

Partial Outlines

The term partial outlines comprise a summative assessment of the lecture by giving certain tasks. These tasks are from the lecture- the assessor provides a crucial part to students with blank spaces. The student’s task is to complete the same in a given time frame.… Read More »Partial Outlines