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LSRW Skills

The four skills of language learning, or LSRW skills, are a group of four aptitudes that enable a person to understand and produce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. These abilities include speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The four language skills are typically… Read More »LSRW Skills

Learning Space

Learning space can be considered a synonym for the classroom. A learning space is a place where teaching and learning take place. Learning space plays a vital role in enhancing the abilities of students. It helps in improving the skill sets of the students. Moreover,… Read More »Learning Space

Learning Pyramid

The learning pyramid also called “cone of learning” was introduced by the National Training Laboratories Institute in the year 1960. The learning pyramid discusses the learning retention of learners and how it can be enhanced using different learning methodologies. Within a pyramid of learning, representations… Read More »Learning Pyramid

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a learning process that lasts one’s entire life. Lifelong learning helps learners to evolve and develop as an individual. It keeps us updated and provides exposure to knowledge that will enable the individual to thrive in social and professional life. It plays… Read More »Lifelong Learning

Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is the ability to learn, perceive and comprehend a language and also use it to communicate with others.  The language acquisition of the first language happens in the early years of our life. It occurs unconsciously because of our exposure to the language.… Read More »Language Acquisition

Literature Review

If a student needs to write a UG dissertation, they may be required to start by writing a literature review. A literature review can be defined as the process of searching for and evaluating the available literature on a particular subject or topic of interest.… Read More »Literature Review

LSAT India

LSAT India is an integral part of law school admission and its purpose is to test the skills required for success in the first year of law school. Such skills include reasoning, writing, and reading comprehension, and the test results help decision-makers and candidates alike… Read More »LSAT India

Language Development

Language is one of the most important skills that everyone needs to learn in order to communicate with others effectively. It helps us convey our thoughts in an orderly manner. Moreover, other people can understand and decipher the meaning of the words in a particular… Read More »Language Development

Lateral Entry

Lateral Entry refers to the entry of diploma students into professional courses using LET. LET Full form is Lateral Entry Test, and it is the exam that students have to get into their respective professional careers. The idea behind having such a test is to… Read More »Lateral Entry

Language Proficiency

Language proficiency refers to the level of mastery a person has in a particular language. Language proficiency is not, in itself, an important thing per se. However, it does become important when applying for jobs and attending interviews, especially when it comes to multinational corporations. … Read More »Language Proficiency

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology