Live Teaching App

A Live teaching app is a mobile app for teachers or educators who use their smartphones to conduct live or online classes. These apps make it easy for even non-tech savvy teachers to take their live lectures easily.  Live teaching apps are mobile apps developed… Read More »Live Teaching App

Learning Style

Learning Style refers to a range of theories that try to account for differences in the learning patterns of a student.  One of the most widely accepted understandings of a learning style is that a student’s approach to learning can be divided into three categories:… Read More »Learning Style

Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that takes care of administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and educational content delivery. The concept of LMS stems from e-Learning. The first LMS was introduced back in the late 1990s. The Learning Management System was designed to… Read More »Learning Management System

Live Lectures

Live lectures are live educational video classes held online, as opposed to in-person lectures. These lectures are generally conducted through a learning management system. These systems allow students to track their syllabus and progress.  Live lectures allow two-way communication, where the learning is synchronous. In… Read More »Live Lectures

Live Classes App

Live-class apps are mobile apps that convert smartphones into virtual classrooms where students can learn and study with ease. Live classes app makes conducting live courses easy. These apps encourage children to love learning by making education interactive and fun.  Live classes apps are mobile… Read More »Live Classes App

Live Classes

Live classes are an instructor-led learning model wherein the teacher has control of the class. They decide the learning objective and set the pace of learning. They allow synced events organized in a live virtual classroom where students and teachers meet to study. The classes… Read More »Live Classes

Learning Progression

Learning Progression refers to an increment in the level of difficulty with the level of knowledge. The progression is dependent on the level of grading. The complexity in the learning increases with the level of skill and knowledge transfer.  A course of study should be… Read More »Learning Progression

Learning Pathway

A learning pathway is a carefully constructed road map to complete a training program. All the certificate programs construct and design the route of beginning a course to completing it successfully.  Learning pathways divide the whole course into chunks, sections, and sessions. Different educational institutes… Read More »Learning Pathway

Scope and Sequence

Scope and sequence explain the concepts and ideas that are in the course books and curriculum. It has a list format. All the topics are listed one after the other, as they appear in a book. The content of the list tells what the students… Read More »Scope and Sequence

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is the method of recording the lectures as videos for students to review after the classroom studies. It helps students to go through the lesson again, exactly as explained by the lecturer. By using the lecture capture method, different lecturers can go through… Read More »Lecture Capture