Educate “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela To educate someone is more than a source of income or a profession. Teaching someone or helping someone is a deed of humanity and mankind. A teacher… Read More »Educate


Enculturation is the process in which people are taught the dynamics of the culture that they live in and acquire values that are appropriate or necessary to that culture and the worldviews associated with them. As part of this process, the individual’s limits are tested… Read More »Enculturation

Education Consultancy

An education consultancy is an organization that acts as an academic advisor. They often function on a freelance basis. Their job description entails helping educational institutions and schools, and in some cases parents and students, in solving problems that are education-related.  It advises schools on… Read More »Education Consultancy


The Educational Credential Assessment, more popularly referred to by its abbreviation, ECA, is a document that is mandatory when applying for immigration to Canada. The documents that are required to be provided when applying for the immigration process to Canada depending on the program you… Read More »ECA

Essay on Christmas

Essay on Christmas An essay on Christmas is generally written during Christmas, either for competitions, as an assignment, or simply for the sake of writing.  Christmas is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ, the main God figure in the religion of the world’s most-followed religion,… Read More »Essay on Christmas

Exam Date

Exams are one of the most common sources of anxiety and stress for students across age, religion, creed, and country. Going through the timetable, finding the exam date, preparing for the exam – it is all part and parcel of life as a student and… Read More »Exam Date

EdD Full Form

EdD Full Form EdD full form is Doctor of Education. It is a professional degree that has been carefully designed for practitioners who are planning to pursue educational leadership roles.  An EdD is best suited for educators as well as mid to senior-level working professionals… Read More »EdD Full Form

English Medium

English medium is a term commonly used to refer to institutions where English is the primary language of instruction and communication. In an English medium education system, English is the language used as the main medium of the teacher’s instruction, the textbooks, workbooks, and lab… Read More »English Medium

E Grantz

The E Grantz portal is an online portal run by the Government of Kerala for the centralized disbursement of scholarships and stipends to students belonging to the SC/ST/OBC categories within the state. The E Grantz scholarships are granted to students who want scholarships at the… Read More »E Grantz