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GSAT 3, also known as EDUSAT, is designed for distance learning from elementary school to higher education. This was the country’s first specialized “Educational Satellite,” which provided the country with satellite-based two-way connections to classrooms for the delivery of educational content. This is a geosynchronous… Read More »EDUSAT

Extensive Reading

Extensive reading is a technique where students read large amounts of material for pleasure and fluency development. This technique is also known as free voluntary reading or pleasure reading. There are many benefits to extensive reading, but some of the most notable ones include: developing… Read More »Extensive Reading

Educational Administration

The academic field of educational administration has expanded significantly in recent years. The field of educational administration studies the administrative theory and practice of education. Educational administration is in place to ensure the smooth functioning of educational institutions. Educational administrators make sure that the students… Read More »Educational Administration


Epidiascope is a projector capable of projecting images that are both transparent and opaque. Epidiascopes are projectors with an episcope and a diascope combined into their optical system. The epi-position allows it to project opaque, flat objects, like books. Using an appropriate slide carrier, slides… Read More »Epidiascope


Elicitation is a teaching approach where students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. The elicitation technique is primarily used by ESL teachers to improve the language proficiency of their students. Teachers place a strong emphasis on the value of student engagement in… Read More »Elicitation

ESL Full Form

ESL Full Form ESL full form is English as a Second Language. This program is for students whose native language is not English. ESL programs give students individualized attention so that the students can master the language in an effective manner. It involves lectures and… Read More »ESL Full Form

Ex Post Facto Research

An ex post facto research design is a particular method in which groups with qualities that already exist are put into comparison with some dependent variable. Ex post facto literally translates to ‘after the fact’. Ex post facto research design is considered to be quasi-experimental… Read More »Ex Post Facto Research

Explicit Memory

Explicit memory, also known as declarative memory, is one of the two main types of long-term human memory, the other one being implicit memory. Explicit memory can be defined as the conscious, intentional recollection of information, previous experiences, and concepts for definitive purposes. This type… Read More »Explicit Memory

Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics refers to the set of rules and guidelines that engineers must adhere to as a moral obligation to their profession and to the world. Engineering is a career that has a profound impact on lives. When engineering ethics is not followed, the result… Read More »Engineering Ethics

Etc Full Form

Etc Full Form  Etc Full Form is Et Cetera. Et Cetera, abbreviated to, etc., etc, et cet., ect, &c. or &c is a Latin expression that is used in English to describe the phrase “and so forth” or “and other similar things”. Translated directly from… Read More »Etc Full Form

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology