The full form of ERNET is Education and Research NETwork. It is a scientific society that is autonomous. It comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The headquarters of ERNET is based out of New Delhi.  It has contributed to… Read More »ERNET


E-refund means the refund of the amount done electronically.  E-refund is the method of repayment of financial help using electronic means. Or in simple terms, it is the process of getting financial aid deposited in your account electronically.  Students who are seeking financial aid have… Read More »E-Refund

Entry-Exit Tickets

Entry-exit tickets are tools that teachers use to get an understanding of the student on a given topic. Teachers can use a small size paper or can make use of technology by making an online survey form to do this exercise.  The entry ticket helps… Read More »Entry-Exit Tickets


The meaning of the word enrollment is taking admission or initiating for attendance in school or office. If a student wants to take admission in any school or college for any course, there is an enrollment process. The student has to fill-up the form and… Read More »Enrollment

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to manage or control emotions. It is one of the most important leadership skills.  Emotional intelligence is not just how well an individual manages and controls their own emotions. But it is also how well they can… Read More »Emotional Intelligence

Educational Institution

An educational institution is a place where people of different age groups get an education.  The educational institution includes childcare, preschool, elementary school, high secondary schools, and universities. These educational institutions provide the learning space and the learning environment. Activities related to education are there… Read More »Educational Institution

Education Reform

Reform means to make a change to make it better. Education reform refers to the reform that is there to change public education following the educational practice and theory. Earlier, the educational reform focuses on inputs, but now its focus is on outputs like the… Read More »Education Reform

Education Gap

The word education gap has two meanings. The first meaning of the education gap is the leap you take in your work experience to complete your education. This education gap is productive. Companies have a province to provide education to their employees. They encourage their… Read More »Education Gap


The education word comes from the Latin word education, which means bringing up.  It means the process which allows learning or acquiring skills, morals, habits, knowledge, values, and beliefs.  In short, education is acquiring knowledge, developing logical reasoning, and preparing for life. It is a… Read More »Education


Edtech is a combination of two words, i.e., education and technology. It focuses on using technological tools and media to impart knowledge. Edtech aims to improve the results, enhance education, and increase engagement. Also, it helps to reduce the burden on educators. Edtech, in short,… Read More »Edtech