English Syllabus

English Syllabus A syllabus is a document that describes the content of a language course and the sequence in which it is taught. English syllabus is a syllabus in which all the topics are mentioned which are going to come in the exam. It has generally… Read More »English Syllabus

Educational Apps

What are educational apps? Educational apps are those mobile applications that facilitate education. Gone are the days where education was restricted by the four walls of a classroom. Education has become more accessible. This is because of the advancement of technology and the rapid growth… Read More »Educational Apps

English Notes

English Notes English is one of the most interesting and important subjects which helps a student score good marks in exams. Making English notes isn’t an easy task, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we’ll be discussing some amazing tips… Read More »English Notes

Education Recruitment Board

Education Recruitment Board Education Recruitment Board is a board that recruits teachers for different teaching roles or teaching posts. The Education Recruitment Board has an ample number of vacancies for various teacher posts like PRT Teachers, Assistant professors, librarians, etc. The salary that the board… Read More »Education Recruitment Board


Educate “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela To educate someone is more than a source of income or a profession. Teaching someone or helping someone is a deed of humanity and mankind. A teacher… Read More »Educate

Enhancing Skills

Enhancing Skills Teachers should always keep enhancing their skills as they are the only people who help students in growing. Teaching skills refer to different direct or indirect practices or behaviors adopted by teachers to enable a better learning experience for their students. These skills… Read More »Enhancing Skills

EQ Full Form

Eq full formThe emotional quotient is the eq full form, it is also known as emotional intelligence. It determines someone’s capacity to recognize emotions, both their own and that of different people. It is a common assumption that people with a great EQ make better… Read More »EQ Full Form

Educator Book

Educator Book The teaching profession requires continuous learning and hence they always keep learning. There are a lot of educator book that teachers should read in order to enhance their skills & knowledge. Here are the top ten books that teachers should definitely read- Positive… Read More »Educator Book

Exam Questions

Exam questions are the questions asked in the exam which have a specific pattern, the goal of exam questions is to check the knowledge of students. Teachers should include a variety of questions in the exam paper to test the knowledge of students. After getting… Read More »Exam Questions