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CV Full Form

CV Full Form

CV full form is curriculum vitae. A CV is used to provide a summary of a person’s academic background and experience which includes degrees research teaching experience awards presentations publications and other achievements credentials and skills. CVs are generally used for medical, research, academics, and/or scientific applications. 

A CV should not be confused with a resume.  Usually, a CV is given when a person is applying for education, scientific, research, or academic positions, or when a person has experience in a particular field and a resume is given as part of applying for a job. 

When it comes to what needs to be added to a CV, there are a lot of elements involved. Most series begin with the contact information and personal data of the applicant but make sure to avoid irrelevant details such as caste, religion, children’s names, etc. Most importantly it should include the names of the institutions in which the applicant has studied and the duration during which they have studied there. 

A CV also usually contains the skills of the person like computer skills foreign language skills and any type of training that might have got over the course of their study time. This includes studying abroad, writing a thesis, the research experience, teaching experience, paper presentations, publications, scholarships, fellowships, grants, apprenticeships, honors, etc. 

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