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ICSI has recently made significant changes to its corporate secretarial course remembering Vision 2022 as suggested by the Institute. All the students should know about the changes made by the institution. The major change made by this institution was to the annulment of the college foundation program, it was replaced by CSEET. The full form should also be known by every student which is the CS Executive Entrance Test. There is a need to clear the CS Executive Entrance Test for all applicants applying to the CS Executive Program, except certain categories of exempt candidates. CSEET is an entrance exam administered by ICSI, four times a year: May, July, November, and January.  CSEET replaces the CS Foundation Course; Eligible candidates are admitted directly to the CS Executive course. Note that applicants who have qualified in the CS Foundation or the final ICAI  course or the final ICMAI  course are exempt from the exam. Candidates who pass this exam are eligible to apply to the CS Executive program. The CS Executive Program will be administered by correspondence or we can say distance training and last 9 months. The ability to attend classes organized by the Institute will be available only in certain locations and applicants will have to pay an additional fee. Entrance exams should be prepared by using different strategies then only students can clear them. Students can use the lms platform to prepare for this entrance examination. With Teachmint’s lms, they can explore different topics and learn at their pace effortlessly.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology