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Critical Thinking

The term Critical Thinking refers to the practice that encourages learners to form reasoned judgments by analyzing information objectively. It involves evaluating research findings and data to inform one’s analysis. The thinking emphasizes active learning over passive one. 

This form of thinking is self-directed, self-monitored, self-disciplined, and self-corrective. It entails problem-solving abilities and effective communication. Rather than facing facts at face value, the said type of thinking involves thinking and questioning ideas. 

The earliest records of Critical Thinking can be traced back to the teachings of Socrates which were recorded by his mentee, Plato. Critical thinking as an approach comes with numerous benefits. These include: 

1. Decision-making: By not relying on intuition and leaving guesswork behind, critical thinking always requires individuals to be analytical. That results in improved decision making. 

2. Enhanced communication: This type of thinking assists you in coming up with evidence for discussions and arguments. With some relevant and consistent points at hand, every individual can become an effective communicator. 

3. Understanding of different worldviews: By considering every little detail before arriving at a solution, you’ll be able to see beyond your immediate worldview. This thinking would help you empathise, making you appreciate different worldviews.   

4. Reasoning: The thinking would equip you with the knowledge of inductive and deductive reasoning, and when to use both. 

5. Saving time: With a critical mindset, you’d be able to eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant information. This type of thinking teaches one how to use your resources and time optimally. 

Evaluating students’ thinking is a repeated task for teachers, and they may feel bored doing this activity regularly. However, using the performance management system can ease their burden. Moreover, tools like lms also helps students learn and understand the concepts at their pace.

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