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Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy 
Critical pedagogy is an ideology of education according to the academia that has formulated and applied concepts from critical theory in 1997. It views education as a naturally political act, opposes the neutrality of knowledge, and contends that issues of social arbiter and democracy itself are not. Examples of critical pedagogy processes in teaching and learning methods are: re-examining and re-constructing the entire curriculum of the grade. The position of the student should be altered from the role of being the item in the classroom to being an effective and significant subject. The lesson of critical pedagogy is vital for two basic reasons: it demystifies self-ruling authority or power and motivates a transformative discourse concentrated on public equality, a sort of solidarity within marginalized factions. The five major strategies students should use are constrictive, teamwork, Integrative, Reflective, and query-based learning. The three important education principles used in this study were dialogic teaching, self-governing classroom, and knowing the world and the word. Critical thinking skills and propensities required to be performed by the students were inquiry and evaluation skills, open-mindedness, and formulating reasoned decisions. It is an ideology of advanced teaching whose goal is to stimulate the development of critical thinking in the student to become students who are capable of assessing the established power structures, as well as the structures of inequality contained in the status quo. This method can also help learners to pursue the schedule, it allows students to attain a deeper understanding of the subject and can help them with their own experiences. Once students get a deeper understanding of the subject, they can measure their performance using the pm system.

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