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Crash Course Meaning

Crash Course Meaning
What is a crash course or what is the crash course meaning? These are mostly asked questions on the internet. The students often remain confused while understanding the crash course meaning. Crash course is a short or rapid course.

In simple words, the course which is technically a long course, is completed in a short span of time. For example, if a student wants to prepare for the CAT exam and they reach out to a coaching institution for the same, the instructor will tell them the time duration of the CAT course as one year. However, if the candidates do not have much time to invest in the course, the teachers sometimes also give them an option of joining the crash course batch.

In the normal and general duration of the course, the teacher covers each and every concept in detail and deeply. However, in the case of the crash course, the teachers do not cover each concept that deeply. They give an overview of the concept and give the students a note of anything important in the same concept. The students who run late to join the regular courses batch find the crash courses very beneficial, they are a little expensive, but worth it in a majority of cases.

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