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CORI Full Form – Concept-oriented reading instruction

CORI is designed to teach children reading comprehension by the careful integration of science and reading. The primary aim of the exercise is to increase the reading comprehension of students from the third grade to the fifth by improving their reading engagement. 

Benefits of CORI

  • Research that compared CORI classrooms to traditional classrooms in the same schools found large benefits in three areas:
  • CORI students were able to comprehend new books better.
  • Their interest in reading became higher. As a matter of fact, they actively choose to read more books after being in CORI.
  • They will be able to learn concepts they study deeply, which is valuable for their GK and content learning.

Concepts in CORI That Help Slow Learners

  • Active learning experiences invariably increase reading comprehension. Many kids who do not read very well don’t realize that each book is really about life — maybe about their life, someone else’s, or the world around them. So when it comes to children who might not realize that CORI tries to help them make a connection to their experience. That link becomes very powerful for them.
  • Teachers who use trade and information books to teach match text difficulty levels to individual instruction. Books that have easy-to-understand print, text, vocabulary, and interesting illustrations are enjoyable to slow readers. These kinds of books can drastically improve reading skills when learning scientific information. More complex books that have an advanced vocabulary, charts, and text are available for readers who can and want to tackle them. 
  • While students use different books and research different subtopics, all readers, irrespective of reading level, are learning new information about the same concept.
  • Choice is an essential part when it comes to the motivational scheme for students. Choices of text and subtopics increase persistence, book completion, and student effort. Choice creates a commitment to the text that fosters their learning. Teachers offer a choice in the subtopic and a choice in the text in order to keep kids motivated to read for a large amount of time.

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