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Convergent Thinking

Convergent thinking focuses on finding a well-defined and absolute solution to a problem. This type of thinking is needed when a student needs to solve a problem by applying logic. For example, answering MCQ-based questions or solving a mathematical problem requires convergent thinking. This type of thinking promotes logical thinking abilities in students. Moreover, they learn to solve a problem using their practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Convergent thinking starts with delving deeper into a piece of information and trying to reach a solution. It involves using the first or second order of the depth of knowledge. Teachers can encourage this type of thinking in students by adopting the measures mentioned below.

  • If teachers are teaching mathematical questions to students, they should not jump directly to solve the question. Try giving time to students and help them understand the question from all angles. Provide five minutes for independent work. Give the the time to refer to their textbooks and notebooks to determine the functions needed to solve the questions. 
  • Help students contextualize the points taught in the classroom. For example, if they are given lectures on important historical events, teachers can provide them with a physical timetime and list of events. 
  • Ask students to summarize whatever is taught to them in the classroom. It will help them develop convergent thinking. Moreover, it will also assist them review key materials and use their mind for logical thinking. 

Developing strong logical thinking abilities will help students perform better in and out of the classroom. 

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