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Continuing Education

Continuing Education is a comprehensive term that comes with an extensive list of post-secondary learning programs and activities. It is similar to the concept of further education in the UK and Ireland. 

Over time, they’ve become extremely successful and have included more subjects like Music and Arts. As it’s intended for adult learners, continuing education is similar to adult education. 

These education courses are mostly delivered through a school or a division in universities. These divisions are mostly referred to as Extension School or University Extension. 

The earliest education departments in universities were founded in the United Kingdom. These included the Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University and Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education. 

For the said type of education, the delivery method includes traditional classroom lectures and laboratories. However, numerous continuing education programs have started using distance learning as the mode of education. 

They use online education, videotaped material, and broadcast programming, amongst other techniques that are a part of distance learning. These education courses are offered to professionals to encourage them to expand their knowledge while staying updated on new developments.  

There have been various critics of this structure in the past. Many of them felt that these education courses should get permanently integrated into institutional life instead of being regarded as a distant operation. Moreover, they felt that such an integration would provide them with the due recognition that they deserve.  

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