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Consolidated Certificate

A consolidated certificate is a certificate issued by educational institutions to their students at the end of an academic year or after the completion of the course. A consolidated certificate will have information like the marks that a student scored throughout all the semesters or during the course of a programme. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, consolidate means, “to combine several things”. Thus, a consolidated certificate would have information about a student’s performance during all the years of programme combined. 

Generally, this certificate would have information like marks scored by a student in exams, projects and other extracurricular activities. It also has information about the student’s behaviour in class. It is only also awarded to students who have passed the examination. It has to be submitted when a student completes a course and subsequently joins any other course in the particular school they are enrolling into. A student has to perform well in order to get good scores on this certificate. Each institution would have different elements in its certificates. The marks will be represented based on the CGPA

As far as the marks are concerned, students’ scored marks, grades obtained, maximum marks of exams and the percentage obtained by students. It is considered as a proof of the completion of a programme. A student has to apply to their respective school/ college/ university in order to receive the document. It helps students to understand their overall performance during the period of the programme. It helps the students understand his/her flaws and positives and will get an idea about their skills.

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