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Concept Of Learning

Concept Of Learning

Learning stands for having a deep understanding or knowledge about something. The concept of learning is nothing but the understanding process. It ensures that a topic a person is interested in knowing about is clear to him in a thorough way. There are many concept of learning or many types of learning. Let us understand a few-

1- Self Learning– Self-learning is a skill that helps individuals in learning and understand things on their own. It is defined as the process of gathering information, processing it, and retaining it without the assistance of another person. It is the learner’s obligation to learn and retain knowledge without the assistance of another human resource.

2- Observational Learning- Observational learning is a process in which a person observes and models another person’s behavior, emotional expressions, and attitudes. It is a method in which an individual observes the activities of another individual and learns from them. We can take an example: if a student watches someone drawing something, the student will observe it and try to make the same drawing, he/she will observe the other person and learn something new. It is a great method to learn new things.

These are the two very common types of learning that the majority of students practice.

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