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Comprehension Check

Comprehension Check is an informal assessment of a student’s comprehension across a course carried out by a teacher. Such checks ensure that students understand and grab a concept properly before a teacher proceeds to other concepts and ultimately helps them with their achievements. At times, the language used in the classroom can be tedious to understand. That is why a comprehension check needs to be carried out often. 

Once the check is completed, teachers can modify the future course of instructions based on the student’s response. There are various creative ways to carry out a comprehension check. One of them is Exit Slips. 

Before students exit, a lesson asks them to jot down the point or summarise everything they learned. Another could be asking the students to keep a learning journal to write down their understanding of a lesson. Students can also be paired together and asked to teach one another. This acts as a form of assessment.

Teaching someone could be a great way to retain what you’ve learned. But one effective way is guided questioning. By randomly asking students to sum up the topic or review it at the end of class, teachers can regularly assess. A comprehension check also allows students to clarify their inner criteria. It also allows everyone to receive feedback in real time and helps in accelerated learning.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology