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Comparative Literature

Comparative literature covers literature and other creative forms of writing from various cultures, nations, and genres. It explores the relationship between literature and other forms of creative writings. Moreover, it delves deeper into the aspects of literature in society. It tries to get the answer to the following questions:

  • What is the place of literature in today’s time?
  • How has literature changed over time? Has it changed for the better?
  • How does it respond to societal values or political contexts?

It is an interesting course that offers deeper insights to the students. If any student has interest in literature along with command in more than one language, they can pursue comparative literature as a course. To pursue this course successfully, candidates need focused study of two literary traditions and advanced skills in a second language. The course provides students with an opportunity to study various forms of literature ranging from historical periods, literary movements, and cultural contexts. Moreover, comparative literature includes study of historical and modern literary theory and criticism. 

Some of the renowned work in this field include the work of Spanish humanist Juan Andres’ work. The literary work encourages students to read different forms of literature from across the globe. They can choose to learn about the literary works of different countries. In short, comparative literature refers to literature without boundaries. The field of comparative literature is most popular in the United States with many schools and colleges offering scholarships to students willing to pursue this course. Various universities have a distinct department for this field of study. 

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