Communicative Language Teaching

One of the highly searched teaching techniques or approaches on the internet is the Communicative Language Teaching, also known as CLT. The Communicative language teaching is a teaching approach where in a teacher tries to engage the students in the classroom activities as much as possible. For instance, the teacher will ask questions to the students that are engaging and interactive. This approach helps the teachers in ensuring the overall personality development of the students. 7 out of 10 students complain about lack of confidence or public speaking skills. It is observed that students rather choose to not speak up even when they have an opinion or idea about something. It can be considered highly concerning issue as it leads to the same behavior even in the professional world. Here is where the teachers can use CLT or the communicative language teaching approach to help the students in overcoming the fear of communicating or expressing in general.
Teachers can also ask questions like ‘tell me something about your hobbies, or what is your favourite tv program any why’, etc. Teachers can experiment with a variety of questions and make sure that the students find the sessions interactive.

Thank you and Happy Learning.

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