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Communication PPT

Communication PPT

The word communication is one that requires no explanation today. Even though there is only one basic definition of the word – the prompt exchange of information through a particular medium – there are several types of communication that we know of and ,more importantly, are not aware of. Imparting that knowledge can be quite tricky, because even though communication can be classified broadly into 2 types – verbal and non-verbal – there is much more to the story. Non verbal communication has several subdivisions and it is quite a task to teach students the differences between them with ease. 

This is where an audiovisual learning experience can help students a lot. Here we are providing you with a guide to create your very own communication PPT. Such a presentation can help students understand the different concepts behind communication quite easily and how they can use these communication skills to their advantage. 

So without further ado, let us get into the nitty gritties of how to create your very own communication PPT.

First and foremost, use a good template for the presentation. It is imperative that you make the presentation as pleasing to the eye as possible for a good viewing experience. Use greens and blues in the background and use reds where highlights are required. 

List out all the 12 forms of communication – verbal, non-verbal, electronic, body language, graphic, haptic, olfactic, musical and special communication tools such as braille, sign language, Morse and semaphores. Make the distinctions between them as black and white as possible. 

End the presentation with a summary and possibly a table showing the differences between them all. 
We hope this has answered all your questions and doubts and has helped you create the perfect communication PPT for your students.

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