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A College is an institution or establishment focused on research and education. It is usually for higher education or specialized and vocational training. However, it could also be a secondary school or a part of a federal university. Mostly, students go to college after completing high school to attain a degree in various disciplines. Unlike the United States, where college and university are used interchangeably, colleges in places like Europe, China, India, the United Kingdom, and Africa may refer to a high school or a training institution. 

The word college comes from Latin word verb ‘lego, legere, legi, lectum’ which means to ‘collect, gather together, pick’ along with the preposition ‘with.’ Together it means ‘selected together.’ 

Apart from imparting knowledge, college allows young minds to think freely and shape their worldview. Colleges can be both private or state-funded. Students can get an undergraduate degree in B.A, B.S.C, B.COM, etc., or a graduate degree in M.A, M.S.C, M.COM, etc., in colleges.    

Having a college degree also helps individuals with better employment opportunities and economic stability. Based on their academic achievement, their career path may differ. Students get to participate in extracurricular activities which result in improved self-esteem and personal growth. Additionally, it also provides an individual with the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and the opportunity to network. Colleges are not just about subject knowledge, it helps with the overall development of the student and helps them with problem-solving, character development, and more.

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