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COA stands for the Council of Architecture. This council was formed after the Government of India passed the Architects Act in 1972. The act came into force on 1st September 1972 and serves as a way for the registration of architects. Moreover, it also ensures that the registered architects follow the standards of education, and recognized qualifications and standards of practice are compiled by them. COA also serves as the body that regulates the education and practice of professionals throughout India apart from working as an institute to manage the register of architects. 

One of the significant responsibilities of this organization is to ensure that any individual who wants to begin their career in architecture must have registered themselves with the Council of Architecture. To register as an architect, one must possess the requisite qualification as appended to the Architects Act. The council also provides accreditation to institutes willing to provide architectural knowledge to students. As of 1st January 2020, 465 institutes were approved by this organization. The council governs the standard of education provided in these institutes.

The COA has a committee of members that oversees the working of these institutions and conducts periodic reviews of the same. The Council of Architecture is the sole organization approved by the Government of India that regulates the working of institutes providing architectural knowledge to students. The educational body also keeps the Central government informed about the educational standards maintained by various colleges and universities offering architecture courses. It also informs the government about the recognition and derecognition of a qualification. 

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