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Co-teaching is an educational practice that pairs two or more teachers together to share responsibilities. These responsibilities include instructing, organizing, and assessing students. Co-teaching is often used as a scheme to pair an experienced teacher with a newcomer. But both the teachers are equally responsible for the classroom. It can be called as a teaching method to drive maximum academic achievement.

There are various models of co-teaching, some of them include Parallel Teaching, One Teach-One Support, and Team Teaching. Co-teaching makes the classroom more inclusive and also helps students with special needs. It provides these students in getting a proper education and equal opportunities like other students. 

A co-teaching setup includes classroom activities and opportunities for community building. It ends up benefiting both Teachers as well as the Students. It also offers more chances for personal interactions that result in stronger relationships. Through co-teaching, Students also benefit from the additional support provided to them through specialised instructions. It also helps in their character development. 

Some of the criticism against this practice claims that it’s more planning and talking, and less execution. Few Teachers around the world have also expressed their fear of more work and less pay. But some feel it is an excellent inclusivity practice. All it needs is some guidance and support from the management.

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