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Co Scholastic Meaning

Co Scholastic Meaning

Every individual should know the co scholastic meaning. Co scholastic meaning includes life skills, co-curricular activities, and five main subjects. Co scholastic meaning is not the same as co-curricular activities. According to the new updates in the education policy grades of students’ achievement in scholastic areas, as well as some co-scholastic areas, shall be included on school-based assessment cards.

A student’s year-end subject-wise marks in Class IX are determined by their performance in all formative and summative examinations in scholastic areas, as well as grades earned in co-scholastic areas. While the five courses – two languages, mathematics, science, and social science – are included in the scholastic category, co-scholastic categories include life skills, co-curricular activities, and health and physical education.

According to school administrators, they are judged based on pupils’ abilities to work in groups, give presentations in class, participate in extracurricular activities, and do well in sports. It adds that if a student fails to get a qualifying grade D in one or more topics despite adding grade points from co-curricular areas and taking advantage of one improvement opportunity, students will be compelled to repeat the same class the following academic year.

Co-curricular activities are an important aspect of school life since they help pupils study more effectively. Co-curricular activities are required activities in which every student should participate. Co-curricular activities are planned to complement and balance the academic curriculum so that every student learns more than just their studies. 

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