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Career management and Progression (CMP) is a lifelong process of investing resources in order to achieve your future career objectives. It is a continuous process that enables you to react to the shifting needs of our volatile market. Self-awareness, professional development planning/career exploration, life-long learning, yearly planning, and networking are all part of the career management process.

Self Awareness

  • What is your name?
  • What piques your interest?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your values, and what is essential to you?
  • What are your distinguishing characteristics, skills, and abilities?
  • Who requires your talents, skills, and abilities?
  • What work environment and arrangements suit you?
  • What activities do I find delightful, motivating, intriguing, and fun?
  • What abilities do you need to gain in order to advance and manage your career?
  • What personal attributes or styles do I have that are essential to me in the workplace?

In addition, ask friends, family members, coworkers, instructors, or mentors if they perceive the same attributes in you as you do.

Career Development Planning

Career Development Planning is a method that will assist you in:

  • Take the time to consider your job/career objectives.
  • Concentrate on gaining information and skills for your current employment as well as future job chances.
  • Consider how you may effectively employ your strengths, talents, experience, and motivation – how you can use these factors to boost your passion for work!
  • Be the architect of your own professional development plan – establish your goals and make the decision to create a career development plan.
  • Discuss your professional development objectives with your boss.

You must plan how you will make your career decision once you have chosen it. A career plan gives your career management process vision, structure, direction, and drive.

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