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Cluster University

The concept of a cluster university emerged from the National Education Policy 2020 – but what is a Cluster University? It is a new program that comes under the NEP dedicated to students who are looking to discover and learn new things irrespective of the field, branch, or discipline they are in. With this initiative, the officials are aiming at revamping the current condition of Higher education institutions, or HEIs in short, to add more value to student learning.

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With the introduction of this initiative, the monolithic teaching-learning process will slowly be ruled out, which will be replaced by educational institutions, including the ones offering professional degrees, transforming themselves into a rationalized architecture popularly being called multidisciplinary HEI clusters or knowledge hubs. The target for achieving this goal has been set for the year 2030. 

The cluster university will have over three thousand students and help them choose subjects and courses that they would want to pursue. The university will help a vast number of institutions that are focused on several areas – such as teaching-intensive universities, research-intensive universities, autonomous degree colleges, and so on. Hence,  students do not have to stress over anything during their journey of learning and can explore their passion for innovation.

The benefits of cluster universities include:

  • Greater teacher-student collaboration 
  • Fostering leadership qualities in students 
  • Improve communication between different academic departments and even institutions 
  • Greater prospects for career development
  • Effective use of resources to foster better-trained individuals

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