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Clinical Teaching Methods

A clinical teaching method is a time-limited interpersonal communication between a teacher, a learner, and a learning group. Clinical teaching methods help in identifying issues and offer knowledge to comprehend and resolve the issues by providing relevant skills. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the academic planner for efficient school management.

In education, clinical teaching methods involve using the same models of decision-making processes that medical practitioners apply in the field of medicine. This method even draws on the models used to teach medical interns so that they enhance their clinical judgment and knowledge related to it. Some of the main features that clinical teaching borrows from the medical models can be used to understand standard teaching practice and teacher education. The key aspects from medical models can be used in clinical teaching methods for learning by adapting and reworking the medical model in the context of education. 

To apply clinical teaching methods to education, professionals draw evidence from various sources and connect them to the findings of a contemporary body of research. This information is then integrated into the knowledge that is related to the current situation to seek more evidence, if required, on the basis of which actions are taken.

The teachers need to make teaching decisions on the basis of what the students already know and more importantly, what they are willing to learn. After the teacher gathers all the research evidence, this information is integrated into the lesson keeping in mind the experience of the student in mind. The teacher must then do a continuous evaluation of the class to make sure that the students are able to grasp what is being taught. The teacher regularly brings in connections between courses and practical applications via a shared understanding and committing to practice and reasoning.

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