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It is very important to get a clear definition regarding what is classroom, so that it becomes easier to understand how it is an important part of the life of the students. 

Classroom refers to a specially designed space to teach the students without any interruption. It is a place that is specifically designed for the students to be equipped with a learning environment that will improve their ability to create their own opinion and perception. What is classroom can also be defined as a place where teachers and students come together to interact with each other, and learn the art of socialization along with gaining education.

Despite the definition given it is important to understand that to explain what is classroom better, There are several parameters that will need to be considered. This may include either digital classrooms or traditional classrooms. it may also include the perspective of students or teachers when it comes to learning more about classrooms and its importance.

Students are expected to be obedient and quiet in the classroom. The classroom also uses an adaptive learning technology method to enhance better training and education for the students. It makes it the students with the status deferred admissions easy to catch up with the course. Adaptive learning in a classroom is a method of great erudition.

As mentioned above, the concept of digital classrooms have become an important part of the students’ lives in the last few years. What is classroom in the digital sense is very different from the traditional sense.The digital classrooms referred to a learning environment that is taking place between the teachers and the students, but it is conducted online. 

This means that in this case the teachers and students interact online and not in a traditional classroom setting. In the last few years the concept of online education gained a lot of importance because it allowed the students to be able to learn about different courses from the safety of their own homes.

Online education has also contributed towards creating an online classroom that is also interactive and engaging for the students. The method of education has only changed with the students using either a laptop or smartphone, the medium through which the classroom is being held. However, it is as effective as traditional classrooms if not more.

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In addition to the classroom’s formal curriculum, there is a hidden curriculum; an unintended lesson that the students learn. It is described as ‘hidden’ because it is neither acknowledged by educators nor written in any syllabus. Even though the hidden curriculum is to prepare the students for life in society beyond the class, it also teaches them to see life from a different perspective. It is in classrooms that students are taught about the need for differentiating between good and bad so that they can learn to be better humans. At the same time they are also taught about values and morals that contribute towards enhancing their perspective and opinion.

But sometimes, it additionally teaches the students social class inequalities or hatred towards some group of people. Nowadays, virtual classes are on the rise.

For example, with the backward design method, students of Mount Carmel Science University spend four days each week in a laboratory, where the teacher gives the students the task to prepare a chemical. While the last two days of the week, the students study in the classroom.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology