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Classroom Observation

Classroom observation is referred to as observing a teacher’s performance in the classroom. Classroom observation includes a way of recording real-time classroom sessions. It helps the administrator monitor the teacher’s performance during the class sessions as part of the regular evaluation. Feedback on the teachers teaching methods and interaction with the students is given. The teacher’s daily or weekly goals are tracked. 

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Classroom observation is designed to help the teachers have a more productive teaching experience to improve students’ education outcomes at the end of the day. With the current educational practices of hybrid class sessions where the classroom includes a traditional teaching method and the technical support of online materials, classroom observation provides an added help to keep track of class sessions and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Traditionally, these observations were performed by the administrator appointed person who sits in class to watch the performance of the teacher during the class session. As technology is evolving and is becoming more accessible, observation is now done with high-quality devices that transfer the real-time video and saves the recording for future references. 

To make learning and teaching students more visible and transparent, this observation plays a primary role. It is a way to review a teacher’s performance. Know more about the LMS portal and how it can help in seamless school operations management.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology