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What is CHS BHU? Bhu full form, Banaras Hindu University, BHU annually enrolls boys and girls in grades VI, IX, and XI of Central Hindu Boys’ School (CHBS) and Central Hindu Girls School (CHGS) through a common entrance test. It is “Tapobhumi” by Annie Besant and Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Ji. CHS BHU educational institution has proudly assimilated the history of educational development.

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The Chs full form, central Hindu boys school was founded as a central Hindu school in 1898. CHS BHS is now located in Kamachha, widely distributed and housed in palatial and splendid buildings. It is proud that every year many students take part in technical, medical, and many other exams. Part of the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi, these schools have a glorious history of providing excellent education in Arts, Commerce, Home Sciences, Science, and Agriculture as well as many sports and extracurricular activities to ensure the comprehensive development of the personality of boys. and girls. CHS full form, the central Hindu boy’s school, BHS has well-equipped laboratories to provide skills-based training in most practical subjects. Let us discuss the infrastructure and key features of the school. 

  • Well-maintained laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer, and psychology education. 
  • Library with quality learning material from more than 3000 publications. 
  • Spacious and ventilated classrooms. 
  • Football fields,  cricket grounds, basketball courts, and tennis and badminton courts are also there. 

 In addition, schools provide professional development, NCC training for boys in the military and air force, and NCC training for girls in the military. Both schools also have computer education importance facilities. The school is affiliated to the CBSE board and follows the cbse form of teaching and conducting exams respectively. The Central Hindu Girls’ School (CHGS) is now an integral part of Banaras Hindu University and is one of the oldest leading institutes of girls’ education in the city. It embodies the vision and great ideas of the founder, Mrs. Annie Besant since its founding in 1904, with the name Kanya Vidyalaya. CHS is the epicenter of Banaras Hindu University, ( bhu full form) which works its best to provide effective learning experiences to the students. 

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