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All must have heard about CENTA also known as Centre for Teacher Accreditation. CENTA wants to make excellent teachers feel special. It organizes an olympiad exam for students to know who are the best teachers and then rewards them for their hard work and excellence. CENTA organizes competitions for fourteen subjects on a national level. Many teachers participate to test their teaching skills and knowledge required in government colleges. The teachers who win the olympiad are provided with recognition and appreciated for their good knowledge. All the teachers do a lot of hard work to make students understand the subject. There should be more such educational firms to appreciate teachers and motivate them to perform better.

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This is not only conducted in English but also the other three languages. The three other languages are Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil. So the teachers knowing only Hindi or Telugu or Tamil can also participate to test their skills and knowledge. It is good that it is conducted in four languages because then more teachers will be able to participate.

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It is important to include everyone and provide a chance to every teacher. The topics covered in this olympiad are based on the class in which the teacher is teaching in. The question paper will include the questions to test how much knowledge a teacher is having about their subject. Not only the theory part but they will also be tested about the concepts. Teachers who are clear with all the concepts can only clear this olympiad. 


1- What is the full form of CENTA?

Answer- The full form of CENTA is Centre for Teacher Accreditation.

2- What is the function of CENTA?

Answer- CENTA organizes competitions for fourteen subjects on a national level.

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