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CDC full form is -college development council. It is for the purpose of planning and integrated development with a role and extends help to all the affiliated & accredited colleges that are accredited to some authority admitted to the privilege of the University. They provide guidance and advice to the colleges. 

The University Grants Commission introduced the concept of CDC in the year 1980s. Their mission was to set an effective interface between the UGC and colleges affiliated with it. This is also a Principal Advisory Body to the Academic Council and Executive Council with all the matters related to the affiliation. 

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CDC has representatives including the faculty members, university officials, a representative of the state government, and principals and teachers of the affiliated college. It is constituted every two years. The council is meant to function as the liaison between the affiliated colleges and University Grants Commission. It helps in forwarding different proposals of colleges to the UGC to obtain funds under various schemes for the overall development of colleges. 

CDCs are constantly turning into vital forces in framing collegiate education policies that aim at quality education to tune well with the national education policy. It is due to the rapid growth of the Indian higher education system with clearly increasing rates of affiliated colleges, innovative teaching, creative thinking and learning methods, and change in pedagogical perspectives related to education. 

There are certain mandates of the CDC. It is mainly a gateway to the University Grants Commission. It helps in improving the quality of college-level education. It constantly helps in monitoring the utilization of building grants which are sanctioned to the colleges. CDC also aims at striving for the maximum number of proactive colleges to get developmental grants from the UGC.  CDC full form is often interchanged with the center for disease control however, in terms of education, CDC stands for College Development Council.

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