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CBT Exam

A lot of people ask for the meaning of the CBT exam and CBT full form. CBT full form is Computer Based Test. Computer-based testing is an online mode of conducting tests. All the exams these days like CAT, etc. are conducted on the CBT or Computer Based Test mode. Candidates must sit in front of a computer terminal (node) assigned to them based on their Roll number and Admit card for a Computer Based Test (CBT). Mostly the questions asked here are multiple-choice questions.

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After the attendance management has been done by the exam center, candidates will be able to proceed and see the questions on the computer screen using the computer mouse at the specified time for the examination to begin. There are numerous benefits of appearing for a CBT exam, few benefits are as follows-

1- Tests can be conducted on a large level

2- The grading system gets very convenient

3- Well organized and a very smooth process

4- Reduced chances of cheating or any other manipulative activity

5- Taking care of people with special needs

CBT exam proved to be extremely helpful when the deadly pandemic hit the world and offline exams could not be conducted and social distancing was supposed to be followed. CBT exams are the best way of conducting fair and organized exams smoothly.


The Process of CBT:

  • Test Preparation: Exam content, questions, and assessment materials are digitized for computerized delivery.
  • Test Administration: Test takers access the exam digitally, either at authorized testing centers or remotely, depending on the exam policies.
  • Question Varieties: CBT supports diverse question formats, such as multiple-choice, true/false, essay, drag-and-drop, and simulations, providing a more engaging experience compared to paper-based tests.
  • Adaptive Testing: Some CBT systems employ adaptive testing, adjusting question difficulty based on the individual’s responses to offer a customized assessment.
  • Security Measures: CBT platforms integrate security measures like locked-down computers, biometric verification, and webcam monitoring to prevent cheating and unauthorized access.
  • Submission and Evaluation: Completed tests are submitted electronically. The system auto-scores multiple-choice items, while human graders assess essays.
  • Instant Feedback: Many CBT systems offer immediate score feedback, providing test takers with prompt insights into their performance.

 CBT Mode meaning: 

The term “CBT mode” denotes the specific format in which a test or assessment is conducted. It signifies that the exam will be taken using computers or electronic devices, rather than the traditional paper-and-pencil approach. Under CBT mode, participants interact with questions and submit responses through a computer interface.

For instance, when informed about an exam being in “CBT mode,” it implies the need for a computer or device with internet access to take the test. Questions will be displayed on-screen, and answers will be selected or input using the provided tools.

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