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The term BYOD is an abbreviation for Bring Your Own Device. It is a concept that concentrates more on the device than on the technology. It has a narrower purview. The devices include mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, tablets, and likewise. 

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BYOD is more about using the device that the students have instead of using the school-provided devices. Students are more comfortable using their own devices rather than using the school-provided device.

BYOD reduces the cost burden on the schools to buy devices and install the software in each of those devices for every student. Educational psychology suggests that a high level of interaction is generated among students due to Bring Your Own Device. BYOD is also used interchangeably with BYOT.

Apart from academics, this is also effective at organizational levels. BYOD solution supports employees working from home. It maintains flexibility by allowing them to use their device anywhere and everywhere. 

BYOD has its own advantages for students. It is convenient for students to learn with ease from their homes. It makes access to devices easier and the sharing of academic work convenient as well. One can learn on the go and helps the student to access unlimited educational information. Now that education has moved online, the usage of mobile devices has skyrocketed.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology