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B.P.Ed stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. It is an undergraduate degree in sports, sports science, guidance, counselling and outdoor education. B.P.ed is a three years course which requires candidates to have eligibility criteria of 10+2. Students meeting the educational standard of a minimum of 50% in 10+2 can apply for this course. This academic course offers the study of human body development and sports coaching. It is a combination of theoretical and practical education.

Students interested in the field of sports or have known achievements are eligible to get admission in B.P.ed. Admission to this course is offered based on either merit or an entrance exam. This course focuses on physical fitness and mental health and the knowledge of it. Preferred candidates for the degree course are students who have studied physical education in their school. Also, the students who played at the state or national level are considered for admission.

The students in B.P.ed are evaluated based on academic, physical fitness and game playing ability tests every year. Many vocational colleges offer a Bachelor of Physical Education. Some of the Universities that offer B.P.ed. in India are Delhi University, Banaras University, and Chandigarh University.

After completing the Bachelor of Physical Education degree, job opportunities are available both in the public and private sectors. They can get a job as a professional coach in various sports academies. They can also be hired as physical instructors in schools and colleges. Some occupy job positions as yoga trainers, sports psychologists, nutritionists, fitness trainers in gyms, or independent professions.

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