Project Design

Project design is the first step towards the start of a project idea. In this stage the idea, processes, resources, and deliverables are planned. After the planning process is complete, students can start the project. There are seven steps for a project design and passing… Read More »Project Design

Translation Studies

Translation studies is an interdisciplinary stream dealing with the theory and practicality of translation and interpreting languages. Moreover, it also deals with the localization of the subjects. It borrows various components from various subjects like comparative literature, computer science, history, linguistics, philology, terminology, and semiotics.… Read More »Translation Studies


Misnomer stands for a wrong or inaccurate name or designation given to a person. It arises when you give a name to something and later you find a change in its characteristic or correct nature. Moreover, a change in the earlier form of something is… Read More »Misnomer

Weighted Graph

A weighted graph is a graph in which a numerical weight is provided before each value. It is a simple graph with weighted edges defined for all values. The graph is used to calculate the shortest distance between two points. It consists of a set… Read More »Weighted Graph

Student Portfolio

Student portfolios are a true assessment tool with a plethora of different applications in the classroom. Student portfolios could be your new secret weapon for tracking development for special education kids, presenting parents with a more open look at their child’s successes, and helping students… Read More »Student Portfolio

Benchmark Meaning

Benchmark meaning Benchmark is a point of reference through which a thing is judged. It helps discover the potential and how anyone can improve your performance. The process of benchmarking is also crucial for schools as it allows them to compare their performance with other… Read More »Benchmark Meaning

Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is a technique that involves the assertion of a behavior or belief that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what is actually required. Reverse psychology relies on the… Read More »Reverse Psychology


A typewriter is an electromechanical or mechanical machine for typing characters. Generally, a typewriter has an array of keys, each one causing a different single character to be produced on paper when the key strikes an inked ribbon selectively against the paper with a type… Read More »Typewriter

Feature Writing

Feature Writing is a critically recognized literary form of writing in journalism. It involves writing featured articles on great personalities, relevant issues, and trending topics. This form of writing is generally longer than a news story and is informative in nature. Feature writing is used… Read More »Feature Writing