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ASRB Qualification – Tips and Tricks

The ASRB NET, also known as the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board National Eligibility Test, is a national-level recruitment test conducted to recruit eligible candidates for various designations such as lecturers, assistant professors, etc., to work across the country in agricultural universities. By scoring the qualifying marks in this test, the candidate will be eligible to apply for various positions in all of India’s agricultural universities.

Continue reading this article to know more about the ASRB NET exam, paper pattern, ASRB qualifications to write the exam, and tips and tricks to ace the ASRB test.

Some of the key points of ASRB NET

  1. The exam is regulated by the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board or the ASRB.
  2. The test is usually conducted once a year through offline mode.
  3. The duration of the ASRB test is two hours.

The paper is different for the candidates taking the exam as the questions will be based on their chosen subjects that they have the knowledge, understanding, and educational experience in. Some of the significant points about the ASRB NET paper pattern are:

  1. Candidates will have to attempt only one paper to clear the test.
  2. All the questions are objective-type, multiple-choice.
  3. The total number of questions in the ASRB is 150.
  4. The maximum number of marks is 150.
  5. Each correct answer carries one mark.
  6. For each wrong answer, ⅓rd marks are deducted; there is no deduction for unattempted answers.

ASRB Qualification

Number of Attempts

Any candidate who wishes to take the ASRB NET can take the test multiple times as there is no limit on the maximum number of attempts. They can write the ASRB exam as long as they are fulfilling other elements of the eligibility criteria.


  1. According to the recruiting board, the minimum age to write the ASRB NET is 21 years.
  2. There is no maximum age limit for any candidate to take the test.


  1. Only the citizens of India with proper documentation to prove the same can take the ASRB NET.
  2. Citizens of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet who moved to India and settled here before January 1, 1962, are eligible to take the test.

Educational Qualification

The candidates applying for the ASRB NET must have a master’s degree or equivalent certification in any of the  60 disciplines mentioned by the ASRB.

Tips and Tricks for ASRB Qualification

Here are a few tips and tricks for ASRB preparation that will help you prepare efficiently and score well:

  1. Know the Exam

Sufficient knowledge about the test you are taking is an important step to scoring well in any competitive exam, and the ASRB NET is no exception. Hence, you must know every detail of the exam, from the application process and ASRB qualification to the exam pattern, subjects, syllabus, and weightage.

It is, however, extremely important to have a good knowledge of the syllabus as sometimes candidates may overlook some important topics, and this can cost marks in the test. So, by knowing the weightage for each topic or subject, we can easily avoid making such mistakes.

  1. Prepare a Personalized Timetable

Once you are well aware of everything about the exam, topics, and syllabus you must prepare, you need to move on to devising the right strategy to prepare for the exam. It is important to prepare your own timetable as this will allow you the freedom to allocate time for each topic or subject. It is important you are consistent with your schedule. 

  1. Maintain Notes and Refer Proper Study Materials

While preparing for such a vast syllabus as the ASRB NET, it is essential to make short notes of all the possible topics like important points and dates so it will be easy to understand the topics better during revision. Apart from the personal notes you prepare, make sure to study from relevant and proper study materials.

  1. Revise Everything

While preparing for the ASRB, you must revise simultaneously to make sure you completely understand the topics and remember them. So, along with the preparation, take at least a couple of days every week to revise previously studied topics. This will also strengthen your grip over the topics. 

  1. Solve Sample Tests and Attempt Mock Tests

After finishing a certain topic, make sure you check out the sample or model questions and previous years’ question papers and solve them to understand how well you understood a topic. 

Apart from solving the papers, once you are halfway through the syllabus, start attempting mock tests. Taking mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation journey, rethink the areas you need to work on, help you manage your time better and attempt the final test with confidence.

Apart from these tips and tricks for ASRB qualification, other factors like taking care of your mental health are also of utmost importance. Remember not to stress, rest properly, eat healthy food, and be confident.

With this, we hope that you get a better understanding of the ASRB NET, tips and tricks to score well in the test, eligibility criteria, etc.

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